• E-Commerce

    HallmarksExpress has a large dedicated division offering host of e-Commerce services to Domestic and International customers and offers unique solutions for International clients to develop and build their Malaysia and Global Strategy. HallmarksExpress offers a wide variety of solutions for International Clients exploring the e-Commerce opportunities and also looking to enter the fast growing Malaysian market. We offer smart and efficient services varying from warehousing & distribution to value added services to clients globally. Our e-Commerce solutions are equipped with the latest technology platforms and works in line with our clients' needs and requirements to offer the most optimum solutions.

  • International

    Under this we handle all B2C and B2B Cross Border transaction involving movement of e-Commerce Parcels, Express Parcels, Documents and International Freight. The most efficient and optimum door-to-door services for imports and exports of documents, parcels and cargo are offered by HallmarksExpress. The product offerings are designed and customized as per the customers' requirements; from time-critical to less urgent delivery options. Our customized solutions offer the benefits like flexibility, defined transit time, complete information regarding declarations and authorities and real-time tracking information.

  • Domestic

    The domestic packages of services are designed for door-to-door secure and cost effective services for e-Commerce and Parcel deliveries. When shipping with HallmarksExpress, the specialists are involved in handling your products most carefully. The flow of information via automated tracking services makes it extremely convenient for customer's smooth pick-up and delivery management. We offer these services domestic markets in Malaysia, SAARC, Middle East, Far East, Europe and Americas. We have our wide range of product and service offerings for your needs and requirements.

  • E-Fulfilment

    HallmarksExpress offers a wide variety of e-Fulfilment solutions to enhance your domestic and international parcel pick-up, delivery and return management solutions for B2B2C segment and facilitate the highest service levels by integration of the topmost technological platforms. Be it a start-up merchant or an established player, our services are designed to offer the order fulfilment and starts from receiving, followed by processing and finally reaching out to the end customers. In addition to it, the key is our ability and capability to handle and manage the returns management services. HallmarksExpress offers the holistic e-fulfilment services and are designed as specific to customer needs and requirements.